Liquid Particle Filter CLF-5


Liquid Particle Filter CLF-5

Liquid particle filter type CLF-5 for the separation of microscopically small liquid gas droplets, glass-fiber filter element with a retention rate of 99.9999 % for particles > 0.1 µm, flow rate: max. 300 Ni/h, pressure: max. 2 bar abs., sample gas temperature: max. 80 °C, connections: sample gas IN/OUT: G 1/4" f, condensate OUT: GL 25, material: PVDF, glass, Viton®. 

Product features 

  • Liquid particle filter for the separation of aerosols
  • High retention rate of 99.9999 % for particles > 0.1 um
  • With filter head made of PVDF
  • Two-layer filter element made of glass-fiber
  • Flow rate: max. 300 NI/h
  • Easy change of filter element
  • With wall-mounting bracket
  • 2 gas connections: female threaded G 1/4"
  • Condensate outlet: GL 25 with cap
  • Material of sample-contacting parts: glass-fiber, PVDF, Viton®, glass

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