Continuous air flow measurement for mining applications 

The FLOWSIC60 ultrasonic measuring device uses ultrasonic signals to continuously measure air velocity in tunnels and shafts. The rugged measuring device consists of high-quality stainless steel components and is ideal for use in harsh ambient conditions. Once installed, the FLOWSIC60 continuously and automatically measures air velocity across the entire width of the tunnel and displays the measurement result via the analog output, making integration in monitoring systems simple. Because safety underground is top priority, the FLOWSIC60 is intrinsically safe and certified for use in mining according to IECEx. Practically maintenance and wear-free operation and integrated self-monitoring offer a high degree of safety and convenience for air flow measurement in explosion-proof areas. 

At a glance 

  • Continuous air flow measurement 
  • Intrinsically safe with IECEx approval for zone 0 (EPL Ma) 
  • Ultrasonic technology with no moving parts 
  • Representative measurement across the entire width of the tunnel 
  • For tunnel diameters from 0.5 m to 8.5 m 
  • Stainless-steel components and cable protection tubing for a long service life in harsh environments 
  • Integrated self-diagnostics 
  • Analog output with error current output

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