Degassed Conductivity Digox 602 dac


 Digox 602 dac - Acidic conductivity (cation conductivity) after removing CO2

In order to ensure a short start-up phase, it has to be differentiated whether an air-inleakage or a coolant leakage exists. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the carbonic acid from the sample. The conductivity after the CO2-degassing is now measured (degassed conductivity). If the conductibility value measured after degassing falls under the value of 0.2┬ÁS cm-1 then merely H+ and OH- according to the ion product of the water are still present as well as slip-induced anions as charge carriers. Thus, a cooling water hardness change can be ruled out and the startup phase can be significantly shortened. 

With the Digox 602 dac, you have a universal measuring instrument at your disposal. In the compact design, the specific conductivity and the cation conductivity are measured and the pH-value is calculated - the "degassed conductivity" is displayed. 


  • Removes selectively CO2 
  • (no unintentional removal of organic acids) 
  • Measurement of degassed conductivity at ambient temperature 
  • (no T-compensation for high temperatures necessary)

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